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I used to get Really Upset when ordinarily sane people turn into thoughtless drones working for the Master of some Impersonal Organization as they shake like jello and send me a bill I Do Not Owe, or refuse to deal with Real Problems that they should legally and ethically handle. When I first politely reply to these nameless nimrods that their dipshit pre-written generic letters are incorrect and reasoned with them with facts and evidence, I still get another ignoramus letter.

It is then I realized there is nothing happening in their tiny heads within their tiny cubical walls. Therefore, I think it is my duty and right to question their sanity, their mental capacity and if they are, in fact, humans.

Anyway, since I have to write these letters to the nameless twits on the other end, I might as well try and be humorous and insulting, if not for my sanity and recreational pleasure at least, but also to gain their attention. And believe me, it does!

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